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SOhi Aqua Ball: What is it?

It’s a bouncy ball… made for the water!

What does it do?

It uses its soft, ultra-bouncy interior to bounce on the surface of water. That makes it a brilliant ball to take to the beach, the pool, paddling pool, pond, or any other body of water that starts with a P… or doesn’t.

Why you should buy it

Do you remember all of the fun we mentioned at the beach and pool parties? Yeah, that’s why you should buy it. So, make like someone leaving a party and bounce!

Sohi aqua ball

    • It’s a ball that bounces on water!
    • Ultra-bouncy inner covered in soft fabric
    • Available in 4 designs – sent at random
    • Awesome for trips to the beach, pool parties, or even the bath, maybe?
    • Measures approx. 6 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm


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